Costume Fees

Costume Fees


Costume fees are due by October 1, 2019 and February 1, 2020 and are as follows:

All Pre-Dance Classes
Fall Semester: $15 for Rental
Spring Semester: $40 for Purchase


Level 1 and Up:
Costumes are rented and the fees are:
$30 for first class, $45 for two classes,
$55 for three classes, and $60 for four or more classes.
                  PER SEMESTER



The Pre-Dance and Level 1 Dancers will be performing in "A Christmas Spectacular" on December 14 at 10 AM at Niceville High School. The Level 2 and Up Dancers will be performing in "A Christmas Carol" on Saturday, December 14 at 2 PM at Niceville High School.  

The Spring Production will be held Friday, May 29, 2020 at Mattie Kelly Performing Arts Center. 


  Dancers participating in one performance class. more...
$ 30.00

  Dancers participating in two performance classes. more...
$ 45.00

  Dancers participating in three performance classes. more...
$ 55.00

  Four or more performance classes. more...
$ 60.00

  Pre-Dance Costume Rental Fee - Fall Semester more...
$ 15.00