Summer Registration is now open! Click here to see the full Summer Workshop and Class offerings with prices and times. Please email if you have any questions about the enrollment process.

Aladdin Summer Dance Camp 
Ages 4-5 $85
Ages 6-7 $150
Ages 8-10 $225
Ages 11+ $120

Summer Dance Intensive
Ages 6-8 $185 
Ages 9-12 $225
Ages 12+ $250


July Theme Summer Class Rates

*Please note summer class rates are 'per class' and hours do not accumulate for a single tuition rate.

30 min = $15

45 min = $20

1 hr = $25

1.5 hrs = $30

Please note: Classes may be canceled or changed due to enrollment numbers. Teachers and Directors have the right to move a child if they feel the level would be more suited to their ability and strengths.